How To Use Kayak Paddle Clips

Learn about how to use kayak paddle clips. Kayak paddle clips are attachments which hold your paddles while your hands are occupied. Paddle clips are most frequently used for fishing kayaks, but they can also be useful for recreational kayaking for times when you want to put your paddles down and go for a swim. Kayak paddle clips come with different options for installation and vary in the number of paddles or other kayaking accessories they can hold. Kayak clips vary in price and cost approximately seven to fifteen dollars. Learn about how to use kayak paddle clips below.

In order to learn about how to use kayak paddle clips, you will need:

  • Ten minutes
  • Knowledge of the kayak make you own
  • Knowledge of the kayak model you own
  1. Get the right kind of kayak clips for your kayak. Kayak clips are not "one size fits all." Depending on whether you have a whitewater kayak, recreational kayak or another type of kayak, there will be different kayak clips that will work best for your kayak. If you have a fishing kayak, for example, a Yak-clip would be one good choice. If you have a whitewater kayak and you traverse unstable waters, you will need to choose a more durable kayak clip, like the Harmony Paddle clip.
  2. Figure out where you want to place your kayak paddle clips. Most kayak paddle clips fasten to the kayak's cockpit. Depending on the brand of kayak clip you purchase, you will be able to place your kayak clips anywhere along the cockpit. Some kayak clips are adjustable and removable. Other kayak clips are secured with screws and rivets and do not allow you to change your mind easily. Make sure that your placement of the kayak clips doesn't interfere with your ability to get in and out of your kayak.
  3. Test your kayak paddle clips. Before you go out on the water, make sure that you have correctly installed your kayak clips. Place your paddles into the clips and ensure that the clips can support their weight. Make sure you also try putting other accessories such as nets and or fishing poles into the kayak clips.
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