How To Use Kegels During Sex

Just about everyone has heard of doing Kegel exercises for health reasons, but if you know how to use Kegels during sex, too, you can create an incredible experience for both you and your partner. Having strong Kegel muscles will give you a harder erection, better control of your penis during sex and the ability to last longer before having an orgasm.

  1. Exercising your Kegels. To reap the sexual benefits of strong Kegel muscles, you have to pay attention to them more than just when you have sex. Simply flexing your Kegel muscles throughout the day will help them grow stronger. Start flexing your Kegels when you’re at a stop light or watching TV. You’ll be helping your sex life as well as your health.
  2. Experimenting. Figure out what feels good to your partner by resting inside of her and flexing your Kegel muscles. She can flex hers back and you should both be able to feel the sensation. This can be both a fun and intimate experience and will give you the information you need to use your Kegel muscles during sex.
  3. Flex during sex. The key to using your Kegel muscles to increase your pleasure during sex is timing. Once you are familiar with how your penis feels to both you and your partner with your Kegel muscles flexed, you can determine when flexing will be most pleasurable during sex. Many men use their Kegel muscles to keep them from coming too soon and many women like it when their partner flexes his Kegels when she is coming.
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