How To Use Kitchen Products To Make Hair Grow Like Weeds

How to use kitchen products to make hair grow like weeds is a better alternative than purchasing store bought products, which contains ingredients that are not beneficial for hair growth. Make better use of kitchen products you probably did not believe helps to obtain long lengths of hair.

  1. Eat proteins. What we put in our body determines the condition of our hair, whether it is good or bad. If you want to use kitchen products to make hair grow like weeds, eat protein-based foods, such as meat, fish, or dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese and eggs. These products build stronger hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth within time.
  2. Castor oil. Many people remember taking castor oil as children and have grown to hate the thick unpleasant taste of it. However it is more beneficial than we thought, especially when it comes to growing hair like weeds. Castor oil is very useful for those with fine textured hair since it makes it fuller and thicker with consistent use. It is also an excellent choice for deep conditioning.  By applying it to different areas of your scalp,including delicate areas such as the hairline and edges. For deeper penetration, leave the castor oil in your hair overnight. The next morning, wash the castor oil out and continue this hair regime weekly. You will notice your hair strengthen over time.
  3. Olive Oil. A bottle of olive oil is not only a great cooking food, but is also a great promoter of hair growth too. Olive oil minimizes breakage, brittle dry hair and in return, increases body, shine, soft hair, and promotes hair to grow like weeds. Massaging the olive oil in your hair scalp daily decrease any hair loss problems and ensure healthy hair.
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