How To Use LG VU CU920 As A PC Modem

The LG Vu Cu920 has been described as a major competitor to the iPhone, but did you know that you can actually learn how to use the Lg Vu Cu920 as a PC modem? The LG Vu Cu290 is one of AT&T’s smart phones; in many peoples’ opinions, one of the better ones. It features a 240 by 400 pixel touch screen, which is quite large in phone terms. The touch screen interface of the Vu is also very user friendly, the only problem is that the phone is not PC connectivity-friendly.

You will need:

  • The LG Vu Cu290
  • D-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter with the software for it
  • Administrator privileges on the computer you are using it on
  1. The handset will need to be set up first. Press the menu icon on the left corner of the screen; from there, go into the settings tab. If you cannot find the settings tab, look at the bottom of the main menu tab, it should be there. Now touch the Bluetooth icon on the screen. You will be presented with an option to turn the Bluetooth on; touch it.
  2. Once the Bluetooth is turned on, you need to turn on the device visibility. If the device visibility is not turned on, then your phone will not show up when you try to connect the computer to it. This is a very important step since without it, you will not be able to connect the LG Vu Cu290 to the PC as a modem. While you are in the Bluetooth menu, go into the settings tab. From there you will see My Device Visibility; you can just touch it to turn it on.
  3. The connection needs to be set up on the PC. Make sure to have the software for the D-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter downloaded prior to attempting this step. There should be an icon on the desktop that says My Bluetooth Places, double click on it. The program will pop up on the screen with several options on it, click on the one that says View Devices in Range. You should see your handset appear on the screen. When you see the icon for your handset, right click on it and select Pair Device. Here you will need to type in your PIN code for the phone’s Bluetooth.
  4. Now it is time to get connected to the internet. Return to My Bluetooth Places on the PC and right click your phone’s icon. Select "Discover Available Services" and double click on the Dial-up networking icon. When the connection window pops up, click cancel. Go to the Control Panel on the PC and click on Phone and Modem Options and select the Modems tab. Now you can select Bluetooth Modem, go to Properties, then Advanced. You will see an Extra Initialization Commands field, type at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”isp.cingular” into the empty field and select OK.
  5. Everything should be set up now to get connected to the internet through your LG Vu. Click into the My Bluetooth Places on the desktop. When your device’s icon shows up, right click on it and select Discover Available Services. Now double click on the Dial-up networking icon and type in ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM in the Username field. CINGULAR1 should be typed in as the password and *99# put in the Dial field. Now all you need to do is click on Dial and you will be connected to the AT&T data network. Sometimes replacing “isp” with “wap” will make it work if you are having an issue getting connected. Do keep in mind that if you do not have tethering included with your data plan that you may be charged for every kilobyte of data that goes across the connection. This is how a lot of the people you see on the news with the $20,000 phone bills get charged that much.



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