How To Use Longboard Grip Tape

You purchased the long board of your dreams and now you want to know how to use longboard grip tape. To stay on your longboard, grip tape is placed on the top of the skateboard. The grip tape has a rough side, similar to sandpaper, while the underside is made of an adhesive. The rough side holds your foot to the longboard. Apply the grip tape properly for safety and appearances.

  1. Position the longboard grip tape over the deck of the board. Clean the deck surface. Use a degreaser to clean the deck and let dry. With the adhesive side down, lay the grip tape completely over the board. Grip tape is very sticky, carefully place it before it comes in contact with the deck. Use the backing of the adhesive to protect your hands when positioning the longboard grip tape.
  2. Working from the center out to the deck's edges, smooth out the longboard grip type. Make sure the surface is free of air bubbles and bumps. Use a razor blade to remove any air bubbles in the surface.
  3. Take your metal file, and work it around the deck's edges until the you see the board's outline.
  4. Now you have the pattern to cut off the longboard grip tape.

  5. Using your razor blade at a 45 degree angle, cut off the extra longboard grip tape. Starting at the top of the deck, move the razor blade around the entire board, following the outline of the deck. Carefully remove the extra grip tape.
  6. Smooth the edges of the board. Using the metal file, work around the deck scraping away any excess longboard grip tape. This will smooth the edges of the board for a professorial appearance.
  7. Make the truck holes. Poke holes into the longboard grip tape with a screwdriver. Feel for the indentations of the screw holes where the trucks, or axles of the longboard. Punch out a total of eight holes. (4 for each truck).  
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