How To Use A Male G Spot Stimulator With Your Girlfriend

Using a male G spot stimulator with your girlfriend leads to a powerful and exciting orgasm.  The G spot on a male is the prostate gland. The prostate is responsible for making the alkaline fluid in semen. So the areas are all connected when it comes to sexual excitement.

To use a male G spot stimulator with your girlfriend, you will need:

  • G spot stimulator
  • Lube
  1. Talk to your girlfriend about the male G spot. It’s important to ensure your girlfriend knows exactly what her role will be in and stimulating your G spot. If she has never helped stimulate a prostrate you will need to ensure your girlfriend goes slow at first and follows your indications on what feels good.
  2. Have your girlfriend properly lube the G spot stimulator. To make sure your properly lubed up to ensure ease of stimulator sliding into the anus you will want to also lube the exterior of the anus. Make sure to add more lube if needed.
  3. Share with your girlfriend experience. Ensure that your girlfriend realizes how much you enjoy it. She is going to want to know that she is hitting the right spot and you’re enjoying it.
  4. Tell your girlfriend how to stimulate your G spot. Face it, women will tell you what they like and how to hit them just right, now it’s your turn to tell her what you like. Because your girlfriend will be using a stimulator on your prostrate she won’t be able to actually feel if she is in the right area because of this you will need to direct her. 



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