How To Use Manicure Scissors

Learn how to use manicure scissors to make your manicure quick, easy and safe. Manicure scissors are an essential tool for any manicurist. You will find that you use manicure scissors to perform a variety of tasks in the process of a manicure.

Things you'll need:

  • Pair of manicure scissors
  1. Use manicure scissors to cut your fingernails. This is a better way of trimming nails than the old fashioned nail clipper approach. Nail clippers can be difficult to clean and have a tendency to harbor germs. Nail clippers also make it more difficult to see what you are doing, including exactly how far down you are cutting, making sore fingers a more likely occurrence.
  2. Manicure scissors are commonly used for trimming hang nails around the fingertips. These small pieces of dead skin make hands look unkempt. They can also get pulled down in to areas of live skin, causing soreness and infection. Use manicure scissors to carefully trim away these bits of dry skin and leave your hands looking well-groomed.
  3. Ensure you use manicure scissors only as intended and never for other purposes in a manicure. Using manicure scissors as you would household scissors to cut other items around the home may leave them dull or uneven. This results in ragged cuts of the nail and can damage skin and cause infection.
  4. Always clean your manicure scissors well after each use. Hold them under some hot water and wash thoroughly with a little dab of antibacterial soap. Dry them thoroughly before storing to keep them from rusting.
  5. Never share manicure scissors or any other pieces of your manicure kit with others. This can spread bacteria and other germs, leading to finger and nail infections. If you live with others who own manicure kits, consider labeling yours to keep items separate.
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