How To Use Massage Vibrators On Her

Learn about how to use massage vibrators on her to give a stimulating massage. Whether you are giving her a back massage, full body or something more sensual, she is sure to be aroused whenever you choose to use the vibrator on her. The vibrating action of a vibrator will have her moaning with pleasure. Read her body language to know if you have the vibrator on too fast or too slow. Are you massaging her with the vibrator in a relaxing spot or an arousing one? You have to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish when using the vibrator on her. Are you trying to calm and relax her or excite and entice her?

  1. Massage her back. This is what you would call a little appetizer. Use the vibrator to massage up and down her back. Get her in the mood for a more intense and invigorating massage. She will be ready and anticipating any type of massage you have in store for her.
  2. Massage her butt with vibrator. Sometimes, the butt is over looked when giving a massage with vibrator. Watch her wiggle with delight as you use the teaser pleaser on her. Slide the vibrator under her butt cheeks making her butt bounce with joy.
  3. Use vibrator between her legs. It’s time to put vibrator to good use. Massage the back of her thighs in a circular motion with vibrator. The closer you get to her inner thighs the heavier she will begin to breathe; the vibrator will start to make her feel warm and tingly all over. Just don’t go too far up when you are massaging between her legs unless she asks for more.
  4. Tantalize her breast with vibrator. She may hate for this amazing massage to end, of course not realizing this journey of erotic discovery has only just begun for her. Flip her over, so you can pleasure her front. The breast, especially the nipples, are extremely sensitive and would be very receptive to stimulation from a vibrator. So, be prepared for the electrifying response you might get from her after the energizing massage from the vibrator. 
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