How To Use MasterCard Gift Card

Learn how to use a MasterCard gift card just about anywhere that accepts credit cards. MasterCard gift cards are the perfect gift for that very reason. You can buy someone a gift card they can use wherever and whenever they would like. Gift cards are a better option than giving cash. Gift cards are more personal, but still give your friends or loved ones the freedom to spend the money whenever they need it. 

In order to use a MasterCard gift card, you will need:

  • MasterCard Gift Card
  • 800 number
  1. Register your card. In order to do so, you will need to call the phone number located on the back of the card. Activation steps will vary depending on where you purchased the card.
  2. Use your card. You can use your gift card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Run it through as a credit card and sign for purchases. You may also be able to run it through as a debit card if you were given a pin number.
  3. You can check your balance by calling the same activation number used to activate the card. If your card will not cover the entire purchase amount, alert the sales clerk ahead of time. Ask the sales clerk to “split tender” and only run the MasterCard gift card through for the amount left on your gift card. You can then use an alternative payment method for completing the purchase. 


  • Make sure you activate your card before attempting to use or it will be declined.
  • Be aware of your balance amount. Your MasterCard gift card can only be run through for the available balance. You cannot overdraft this card. Your payment will be denied even if it is only one cent over the available balance.
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