How To Use Microsoft Word 2007

Using Microsoft Word 2007 for the first time can seem overwhelming. This is mainly because of the drastic design changes compared to earlier versions of Microsoft Word. The ribbon feature is a new aspect of Word 2007 that you will probably notice right away. The ribbon is designed to allow quick and easier access to all features of the program from a single area. Follow these steps to get started using Microsoft Word 2007.

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2007. Click the various labels at the top of the window. Each label will change what options are available in the ribbon below. Familiarize yourself with these different sections. It will help to practice using them so you can remember what options are under each section.
  2. The Home section provides the most frequently used functions for basic word processing. You will likely use this section the most. 
  3. The file menu is replaced with the Microsoft Office Logo at the top left of the window. Click this circular button to access options such as opening a document, saving, or printing. 
  4. Use the review section to edit a document. This is another section that you will use a lot if you need to make sure that your paper has no errors. Use it when reviewing another person's paper as well. Insert comments or use the track changes function to modify the paper so that the other person can see what changes were made. 
  5. Practice using this program before you need to create a document for work or school. It can be a daunting task to learn the program in a short period of time.


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