How To Use Modio

Every good gamer needs to learn how to use Modio so they can mod their computer games and add extra features such as unlimited health, faster running speed, and different cursor shapes. Changes can make a game easier when you're stuck, or more challenging when things are a little too easy. Modio is designed so you can mod your games even if you have no idea how programming works.

Items You'll Need:

  • Modio
  • Computer Game
  1. Open Modio on your computer. If you don't have it installed already, download Modio from Follow the onscreen instructions to finish installation and run the program. It may take a few minutes to boot up the first time.
  2. Click "Game Mod Tools" to open a new mod menu in Modio. Choose the game from your computer that you want to modify in Modio. From the menu that opens, you'll see four tabs at the top showing what aspects of the game you can modify. Each tab in Modio contains a list of options you can turn on and off or set to a specific value.
  3. Click the tab you want to customize. The Player tab in Modio shows all the options you can change about your character, such as how fast you can jump. The Display tab controls how things appear on screen, such as the shape of your cursor, while the Game tab controls features about the game itself, such as how fast time passes. Finally, the Custom tab will list any custom mods you can create and allow you to change them.
  4. Choose the Modio settings you want and continue adjusting settings within the tabs. When you finish, double-check that you included all the Modio custom mods and choose "Save." Save the game to your computer and click the saved game file to play the modded version.

For players who want to try out Modio mods without creating their own, you can download mods from that other people have created. Play around and save the ones you like to your computer so you can come back to them later. You can even open these mods in Modio and make your own changes to them.

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