How To Use Neck Slider Wii Guitar For Guitar Hero

Learning how to use a neck slider Wii guitar for Guitar Hero makes the game more challenging and fun. The neck slider is only available on the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar and is actually the touch pad on the new guitar. Using the neck slider takes some practice. In the beginning you may find that you miss some of the notes, but once you get the hang of it, you can play the game on a whole new level.

In order to use the neck slider Wii guitar:

  • Guitar Hero World Tour version for Wii
  • Neck slider guitar
  1. Find the neck slider. The neck slider is located on the neck of the guitar and looks like colored strips that are situated below the fret buttons. There is a strip of black underneath the colors and the black strip is actually the neck slider. You will be using these strips to strum the guitar instead of the strum bar.
  2. Watch the screen for the colored notes to come up. When a note is coming up that you wish to strum, hold down the fret button with the same color and strum the guitar by tapping the neck slider on the black strip instead of using the gray strumming bar.
  3. Watch for the transparent blue notes. When these notes come up, place your finger on any section of the touch pad and it will play any of the slide notes that are coming up. 
  4. Watch the screen for special notes. When the notes have a line coming out of them, slide your finger down the neck slider on the black portion to use the whammy bar effect.
  5. Practice until you get the hang of it. The neck slider on your Wii guitar functions by using a heat sensor. This makes it a little difficult to control at times. Continuing practicing until you master the rhythm of the new function. Once you have the controls down pat, you'll find the slider function allows you to hit the keys you need faster than the older Wii guitars.
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