How To Use Nokia 6133 As A Modem

The Nokia 6133 is a Nokia cell phone offered by T-Mobile, and you can learn how to use a Nokia 6133 as a modem. It's a pretty basic phone overall, as it is a flip phone without a full keyboard or any of the bells and whistles you're used to after the deluge of iPhone and Android phones. It may not be shiny, but it does have the ability to be used as a modem for your computer. Wi-Fi hotspots may seem like they are everyone these days, but it's always handy to have the ability to turn your cellphone into a modem if the need arises. This is especially nice if you're in a hotel that doesn't seem to realize all its competitors are offering free internet, and is charging you through the nose for access. Unlike some phones, the process of turning a Nokia 6133 into a modem for your computer is quite simple, and doesn't require a lot of prep work.

To use a Nokia 6133 as a modem, you will need:

  • Your Nokia 6133
  • A USB cable or a computer with Bluetooth capability
  1. Download the Nokia Ovi Suite from Nokia's website to your computer. It gives the Nokia 6133 a wide range of features, such as modem abilities, file transfer handling, synchronization and maps.
  2. Install Nokia Ovi Suite on your computer. It requires two gigs of free space, so make sure that you have that covered before going through the installation wizard. While installing, make sure that your Nokia 6133 is fully charged.
  3. Connect the phone to your computer with the USB cable or via Bluetooth connection. Name your cell phone and register or sign in to your Nokia account. Choose what, if anything, you want to synch between the computer and the cell phone, then click "Finish." Now the Nokia Ovi Suite is set up and ready to turn your cell phone into a modem.
  4. Check that your computer is recognized by the Nokia 6133. It should pop up with the name you specified during the Ovi Suite installation process.
  5. Click "Tools," then "Connect to Internet." Pick a network option, click "Next," then click "Connect." This internet connection should now be available on your computer.
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