How To Use Nokia Call Filter

Learn how to use the call filter for a Nokia. The Nokia call filter is a great feature for Nokias today. But what benefit could it give if you do not know how to use it? It is very simple to use the Nokia call filter. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a Nokia call filter account. The Nokia call filter is not monitored from your phone. The Nokia call filter is monitored through the internet. You would have to purchase a call filter account from your service provider or a website to begin using the call filter. Some newer model Nokias could add a application for call filters, but there aren't many. if you have the application. Step two and three would be the same for that as well.
  2. Begin monitoring call filter. If you have a Nokia call filter account and it is your first time using it, then begin answering all of the necessary questions. the most important questions are the type of phone you have and your phone number. Through those two facts, the call filter can begin filtering your calls.
  3. Begin filtering Calls. Once you have answered all of the necessary questions, then move on to filtering calls. Under the Block section, begin entering all of the numbers that you do not want to get through on your Nokia. There is even a filter for Private and Unknown calls. In the future the only thing you would have to do is log back into your account and change/add new numbers or information.



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