How To Use Oil Lamps

When the power goes out you need to know how to use oil lamps. For many years oil lamps were the main source of light after sundown. Having an oil lamp is a good backup measure for power outages or for camping trips.

To us an oil lamp, you need:

  • lamp oil
  • matches
  • oil lamp
  1. Remove the globe. The oil lamp has a glass protective part on top, sometimes called a globe. It is held in place by metal feet and will come out when pulled up.
  2. If filling with oil, remove the wick holder. Unscrew this metal portion to access the lamp oil tank. Fill with oil and screw the wick holder back on.
  3. Adjust the wick. Use the metal screw knob to adjust the height of the wick. Too much wick won't produce a clean burn and more smoke than light will be produced, too little wick and it's not very bright.
  4. Light the wick. Use a match or lighter to light the wick.
  5. Place the globe back on the lamp. Being careful not to burn yourself, place the glass globe back on the lamp.
  6. Adjust light. Using the same screw knob as before, adjust to get the desired light.
  7. Keep it away from drapes or curtains. The lamp should not be near anything that might burn while it is lit. Take care to check the surroundings.

Keep an oil lamp in a handy but out of the way place when not in use. If placed in some location like in a cabinet, be careful of knocking the lamp over.  Oil will run out of the lamp if it is tipped over.



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