How To Use Oral Sex Toys With Your Girlfriend

Figuring out how to use oral sex toys with your girlfriend isn’t difficult. All you need is an open mind and a little creativity and you’ll have a great time using oral sex toys with your girlfriend. Yes, gentleman, oral sex toys can be very useful tools in the adventure that is getting your girlfriend off. The fact that you’re looking to use oral sex toys puts you ahead of a lot of other guys in the sex game. You’ve made the leap to create an alliance with the very same oral sex toys, that most guys view as competition. Anywho, here are some great ideas on how to use oral sex toys with your girlfriend.

What you need:

  • vibrator
  • battery powered bullet
  • dildo (as unique as you want)
  1. The tag team. Oral sex toys are not the competition, but you guys reading this realize that fact. Well, instead of using the oral sex toys by themselves, try using the oral sex toys along with your God given attributes. Think about it. Going down on her is always great, but imagine how much better it would be with the help of a vibrator or dildo to enhance her pleasure? And, that’s what it’s all about. Enhancing her pleasure. Remember, being creative is the way to get her to higher and higher levels of orgasmic bliss.
  2. Multiple toys. Using multiple toys to stimulate various areas simultaneously is a good oral sex tactic. Try licking stimulating her clitoris with the vibrator or bullet toy, while using your tongue on the vagina. Then switch it up. Slide the toy inside her while you apply your tongue and lips to her clitoris. You could even go as far as stimulating her butt with the bullet while giving her pleasure with another toy on her clitoris.
  3. Communication. The most important aspect to using oral sex toys on your girlfriend is the adequate communication needed to learn what she likes. Not all communication is verbal. Learn how to read her body language. Moans are a good thing. Heavy breathing is a good thing. If she’s lying there like a piece of wood, then you need to change your activities. Oh, you can simply ask her what she likes as well. She shouldn’t have a problem sharing the information. Especially if she knows you’re willing to use that information to get her off.
  4. Going further. Don’t get stagnant. Using oral sex toys, or learning to get your girl off in general, is an ongoing process. There’s always a new way to stimulate her. There’s always a new combination of maneuvers that are person specific, that you can learn about her to help her reach orgasm with oral sex toys. It’s up to you to keep an explorative mind while in the bedroom with her. Keeping that open mind will help you figure out how to better please your woman.
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