How To Use A Ouija Board

Whether it's for fun or you really believe you're contacting spirits of the dead, knowing how to use a Ouija board at least makes for a fun party game. It's unknown exactly when the Ouija board was invented, but objects similar to Ouija boards are said to have existed as long ago as 551 BC in China. The ancient Romans used talking boards to help predict successors to kings. To use a Ouija board, follow these steps.

  1. Set up your Ouija board and planchette. Some people like to use the board in a darkened room, or a room lit with candles, to add spooky ambience. You'll want to make sure the board is on a flat surface, like a table or the floor.
  2. Gather the players. You need at least two people to use a Ouija board. You can have as many people participate as you want, but once you get to five or six people, it gets difficult to manipulate the planchette and gather round the board.
  3. All players then place their hands on the planchette. You should very lightly touch the planchette, making sure that no one's fingers are covering the clear window. That's where you'll see what your ghost is spelling out for you.
  4. Once everyone is ready and quiet, someone asks a question. The question can be anything you'd want to ask spirits of the dead. Ask your question out loud, and wait for your answer.
  5. The planchette will slide around the board, spelling out your answer. You have to be patient; sometimes it takes a few minutes to get an answer. Everyone should be concentrating on the question, and some people may choose to close their eyes. Make sure someone's eyes are open, though, to read your answer!


Folklore states that you should never play the Ouija board alone or risk being possessed by a spirit!



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