How To Use Peter Answers

Trick your friends by knowing how to use Peter Answers on the Internet. Make them think you are in tune with a psychic force as you use Peter Answers to reveal their fortunes and divine the answers to questions. There are no obvious directions given on the Peter Answers website, so you have to find out how to do it by reading instructions like these. The Peter Answers trick is easy to master, but takes a little bit of practice so it is seamlessly slick.

Here is what you need to have fun with Peter Answers:

  • computer with a monitor large enough for two to see at once
  1. Go to to start. You sit at the keyboard. Have your friend nearby, so he sees the screen well. Notice the two text fields; one for the "petition", and the other for the question.
  2. Ask your friend what he wants to ask the all- knowing, all-seeing Peter.  If he asks a complex question with an answer of more than a few sentences, tell him Peter only answers concisely, and make him come up with a simpler question. Guide him to ask something that you know about, or could make an educated guess about. After your friend gives you a decent question, quickly think of a short answer to the question posed.
  3. Explain that Peter must be petitioned formally to come forth. Tell your friend that you must type "Peter, please answer.", or "Peter, please answer this question." in the petition text box. Explain that this summons Peter from the ether. Peter only answers those who petition properly and humbly.
  4. Type in the answer to the question in the "Petition" text box. This is essential: type a period before you type the answer. What you type does not show up in the text box. Instead, as you type the answer to the question, it is being filled in with the words, "Peter please answer.", or "Peter please answer this question." Do not look at the screen while typing the answer, so you don't get confused. Your friend will not notice how your fingers move on the keyboard.
  5. Type in the question. What you type shows up in the "Question" text box, as you would expect it to. Hit the "Enter" key. Wait for an amazing response from the eerie Peter Answers spirits. 
  6. Read the Peter Answers response. Note the reaction of your friend. Join in the amazement. Ask your friend if he wants to try again.
  7. Before you try this out on someone, practice several times. Note how the petition automatically becomes longer for longer answers. Make up a mysterious story about how you met Peter, the virtual tarot reader. Practice your spiel.
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