How To Use A Pitching Net Rebounder

Learning how to use a pitching net rebounder will save you wear and tear on your baseballs. If you use a wall as a baseball rebounder, you are destroying the baseball. Using a pitching rebounder is a safe and convenient way to practice pitching on your own. Pitching rebounders are perfect for working out solo. It is a simple apparatus to use to reduce the number of baseballs you need to practice. This article will describe the use of a pitching rebounder to assist in your activities. Check into a pitching rebounder if you are looking for a great way to practice and reduce the need for a bucket of balls.

To use a pitching net rebounder, you will need:

  • Pitching net rebounder
  • Baseball(s)
  • Baseball glove
  • Area to play

How to use a pitching net rebounder:

  1. Set the baseball rebounder up on a flat surface. This can be most anywhere, such as at the park, a baseball diamond or your backyard. To get the full affect of the pitching net rebounder consider hitting a baseball diamond so you can make use of the pitcher’s mound.
  2. The pitching net rebounder should already be set up. All you need to do is set it behind home plate. All pitching net rebounders come with a strike zone painted on the rebounder. This is your target.
  3. Take your normal wind up, use your normal pitching style, and throw at the pitching net rebounder as if it were a catcher. If you hit the strike zone, the ball will bounce right back to you. If you miss, it will bounce back towards you but on occasion you may have to move to catch the ball.
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