How To Use Pleasure Swing

Couples may realize the infinite sex possibilities when examining how to use the Pleasure Swing. The Pleasure Swing can help couples find a niche of sex positions unattainable during regular intercourse. This resistant-free device can create more sexual pleasure since the focus shifts to the sensations, rather than the supporting of either other's body weight. Using the Pleasure Swing might look daunting at first; however, the simplicity reveals itself after each consecutive use. Follow each of these steps to ensure proper usage of the Pleasure Swing for a night of enduring ecstasy.


  1. Unwrap the packaging included with the Pleasure Swing.
  2. Locate the eye-screw and "S" hook for assemblage.
  3. Assess the measurement's of the area where the Pleasure Swing will hang.
  4. Ensure a minimum of 5 ft. by 5 ft. floor space, and a 8 ft. in vertical length.
  5. Use a stud finder to locate the rafter, beam, truss, or ceiling stud.
  6. Drill a starter hole to properly secure the eye-screw. Calling out a professional may reduce risk of injury.
  7. Screw in the eye-screw until it becomes hard to undo.
  8. Attach the "S" hook to the eye-screw. The "S" hook serves as a shock absorber.
  9. Hang the Pleasure Swing onto the "S" hook.
  10. Attach the spreader bar, which is used to level the Pleasure Swing.

Getting In and Out of the Pleasure Swing

  1. Assess the correct positioning before she gets into the Pleasure Swing.
  2. Place the edge of the Pleasure Swing underneath the her bottom.
  3. Slowly lean back into the Pleasure Swing while gently pushing the remaining swing behind the back of her.
  4. Assist in sliding the handles onto her ankles.
  5. Begin the passionate love-making session.

Pleasure Swing Sex Positions

  1. Missionary. Allows for deeper thrusting similar to traditional missionary sex.
  2. Oral Sex Positions. The Pleasure Swing enables an array of oral sex positions, which assists in reaching normally obstructed areas.
  3. Lady On Top. The Pleasure Swing helps to alleviate the need to prop up the lady's body weight.
  4. Doggystyle. Lying face-down on the Pleasure Swing makes it easier on the knees during rear entry sex positions.
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