How To Use Pocket Watch Tools

Learn how to use pocket watch tools so you can make some repairs to your pocket watch yourself. Watches of all kinds need some sort of maintenance eventually. It may be as simple as cleaning the watch, but unless you know which pocket watch tools to use and how to use them, this can be a mystery. Save money and learn to use pocket watch tools yourself.

To use pocket watch tools, you will need:

  • A bow opener
  • A case opener
  • A watch hand remover
  • Long-nosed pliers
  • Watchmaker's screwdrivers
  1. Buy some basic pocket watch tools. Pocket watch tools can be purchased as a set or individually. Decide what repairs you want to do and buy the correct pocket watch tools for the job.
  2. Use a bow opener. The bow of a pocket watch is the curved loop at the top. To remove it, place the bow opener inside to spread the two sides apart. This will remove the bow.
  3. Use the case opener. A case opener has a very thin metal blade that, when slipped under the case, can snap the back off to get to the inside of the pocket watch.
  4. Use the watch hand remover. To remove the hands of a pocket watch, this delicate, pliers-like pocket watch tool will enable you to lift off the hands without damaging them.
  5. Use long-nosed pliers. Long-nosed pliers are pliers with fine tips that have extra length to pick up and remove parts from the inner workings of a pocket watch.
  6. Loosen and tighten screws with watchmaker's screwdrivers. Unlike other screwdrivers, watchmaker's screwdrivers have tiny heads that allow you to get a good handle on the smallest of screws easily.

To reduce eye strain, consider buying a good table light and magnifier to use when working on pocket watches.

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