How To Use A PS3 Controller On PC

Use a PS3 controller on a PC to control your favorite computer games. Since the inputs already match, no hardware tinkering is required to make your PS3 controller PC-ready. Individual game compatibility will vary, but most games allow control customization with the PS3 controller.

You will need:

  • PS3 Sixaxis Controller
  • WIndows PC with USB Port
  • USB Cord
  1. Download the driver. Search for the sixaxis PS3 win32 PC driver on a search engine. It will most likely be a RAR file.
  2. Extract the files. You need an unzipping utility compatible with RAR files. WinRAR, 7zip, or other software will work. Save the extracted folder to your hard drive.
  3. Connect the PS3 controller. Use a USB cord to connect the controller to your PC. A controller charging cord or camera USB cord will work.
  4. Run the driver. Locate the file "ps3sixaxis_en.exe" in the extracted folder and double click on it to run the driver.
  5. Activate the controller. The controller may connect to the driver without any input. If the PS3 controller does not connect, press the center button on the controller to ensure the device connects appropriately.
  6. Change the controller's settings. Use the "Game Controllers" options in the Control Panel to alter the button and joystick settings for the PS3 controller.

After connection, Windows will treat the controller like a USB joystick. Certain features, such as button pressure sensitivity and controller vibration, will not operate while connected to a PC. Use in-game input menus to change the control settings for a specific game. Windows will assign button names for the device, and they will not retain their labeled names.



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