How To Use A PSP As A PS3 Game Controller

Sometimes you need just one more controller for multiplayer gaming, and once you learn how to use a PSP as a PS3 game controller, you'll always have an extra. It's not perfect, since the PSP doesn't have all the buttons of a Sixaxis, but it works.

You will need:

  • PS3
  • PSP running Custom Firmware 3.80 or newer
  1. In order to use a PSP as a PS3 game controller, download "Fusa GamePad". This is a small program that runs on your PSP. Download the folder and extract the contents.
  2. Transfer the program so you can use a PSP as a PS3 game controller. Plug your PSP into your computer and select "USB Connection" from the PSP's menu. If a popup window appears on your computer, select "Open folder to view files." Place the "FusaGamePad" Folder inside the "GAME" folder, located in the "PSP" folder of your PSP's internal memory or memory card. 
  3. Connect the PSP and PS3. Use the USB cable to connect the two consoles. Turn on your PSP and ensure USB mode is off.
  4. Activate Fusa GamePad. In the "Game" menu of your PSP, select "System Storage" and choose the "Fusa GAMEPAD" icon. 
  5. Control your PS3. While Fusa GamePad is running, the PS3 will treat your PSP as a controller. Warning: By default, you will not have access to the right analog stick, or the L2 and R2 buttons. 

Fusa GamePad also allows you to use your PSP as a controller in Windows. Connect the PSP to your computer and run Fusa GamePad from your PSP menu. Your computer will recognize the device, and you can change the inputs from the "Game Controllers" section of the Control Panel.



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