How To Use QuickBooks For Restaurants

Learning how to use QuickBooks for restaurants can shorten the amount of time you spend managing the sales and payroll aspects of a business. Depending on the type of QuickBooks product you purchase, which vary depending on the size of your business, all aspects of business expenses can be managed through this one program.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer compatible with QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks software
  1. Install the software. Before you begin to use QuickBooks for your restaurant, purchase and install the software on the computer you plan to use for business management. The program will offer you tutorials so that you can become familiar with the basic concepts, as well as general use of QuickBooks. You will need to know all of your account balances since the program requires that for setup. Once you select the start date for all future financial transactions and enter the names of your vendors and employees in their respective tabs, you are ready to begin using QuickBooks for your restaurant.
  2. Pay the bills. Use the "Enter Bills" button to begin paying your bills. The program will pull up an image of a bill so that you can input the information. After you have entered the amount you wish to play, press the "Pay Bills" button and then the "Pay and Close" tab to complete the transaction.
  3. Manage the payroll. To manage payroll you can use the "Gross Wages" or "Hourly Wages" section in the program. You may further section off the wages into specific categories such as wait staff, kitchen or hostess.
  4. Account for sales. The “Sales Receipt” or “General Journal Entry” sections of the program are used for recording sales. After you have calculated the total sales for the day, including everything from discounts to bar tabs, you will put each separate amount into its own section in the “Chart of Accounts.“ These combined amounts will produce the “Sales Receipt" or “General Journal Entry.”
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