How To Use A Radio Scanner

If you recently purchased a radio scanner, you may want to know how to use a radio scanner properly. Although radio scanners are used often by truck drivers and police, many people like to use them just or fun or as a hobby. A radio scanner can keep you up to date with all the action that is going on in your neighborhood or surrounding areas. Radio scanners are also an important piece of equipment used with many other jobs, businesses and activities. They are very helpful and easy to use for anyone who is interested in them.

  1. Find the right frequency. Depending on your surroundings, there are different frequencies that you can pick up, and you have to search for the correct one. Set your radio on the scan mode. The radio scanner will automatically change frequencies until it finds and picks up the right signal.
  2. Program the frequency in your radio scanner. Once you find the correct frequency for your radio scanner, push "Enter" on your radio to tune into that frequency. If you need to, you can manually enter in the frequency number. This will set the frequency in the memory of your radio scanner.
  3. Set the squelch on your radio. The squelch is used to designate a specific department that you want to use. Some departments cannot hear others on the radio scanner because their squelch is not set up correctly. To set the squelch, turn its knob counterclockwise until you hear the department that you want. Press the "Manual" button to stop the scanner from scanning, and then turn the squelch button clockwise to set it.
  4. Program and set the channel you want to tune into. If there is a particular channel that you found that you want to listen to, you can save it on your radio scanner. All you have to do is push the "Set" or "Program" button on your radio scanner to save the channel once it is found.
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