How To Use Rhythm Method For Birth Control

If you don’t trust traditional medicine to prevent pregnancy because of all the side-effects often associated with birth control pills or devices, you can learn how to use the rhythm method for birth control. If you are in tune with your body's reproductive system and your menstrual cycle each month, this natural birth control method may be right for you.

To use the rhythm method, you will need:

  • A regular period
  • A normal reproductive system
  • A calendar
  1. To use the rhythm method as birth control, you have to know your body inside and out. The assumption is that women ovulate between fourteen to sixteen days before their menstrual cycle starts. A healthy egg only has a 24-hour window of opportunity to become fertilized before being disposed of. Virile sperm will only be able to survive inside a woman’s womb for 72 hours. These two have to be kept apart from each other; that’s where the rhythm method comes into play.
  2. The rhythm method protects against unwanted pregnancy. It’s time to pull out your calendar and count back fourteen days from the first day of your menstruation. This is not a scientific fact, so hypothetically this is when you ovulate and most likely will conceive. During this time you will either need to use a condom or a more reliable form of birth control.
  3. The rhythm method of birth control may not work for everyone. The rhythm method may only work for women with a regular period. If your period is irregular and abnormal in any way, the rhythm method would not be advised as a contraceptive.

The rhythm method is a form of birth control, but it’s not 100% effective in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. It also won't protect you at all from being exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

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