How To Use Rowing Machine

learn how to use rowing machines to get a fantastic cardio and muscle building workout. Rowing works just about all the muscles in your body, especially your arms, legs and core. It gets your heart rate up for a sustained period, which improves your cardiovascular fitness. For heart health, and to get buff, use a rowing machine. It saves time and provides a total body workout.

  1. Warm up for five or ten minutes by walking or slowly running. Warm up until you sweat a bit.
  2. Set the tension on the machine. Choose an easy tension setting as a beginner, so you can concentrate on your posture and breathing, and how to do the rowing strokes correctly.
  3. Sit on the machine. Strap on your feet. Grip the handles. Sit up straight, with your knees bent.
  4. Pull the handles back for the power phase, as you slide yourself back on the rowing machine. Your legs will stretch out straight as you go back. Pull the handles toward your breastbone as you do this. Exhale as you pull. Make sure you are not hunched up. Keep your back nice and straight.
  5. Slide forward and inhale for the relaxation phase of the stroke. Continue the posture of sitting up straight as your knees bend.
  6. Use the rowing machine monitor to see your time on the machine, your power level, and your strokes per minute.

Use interval training to work up to a more challenging rowing machine workout. Start with five minutes at a time. Do five minutes of rowing, and then do a different exercise for five minutes. Repeat this several times. Over days and weeks, as rowing becomes easier, increase the intervals. When you get really good, increase the tension level and length of your rowing machine workouts.

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