How To Use Samsung Solstice Phone

You just got a new cell phone, but now you're wondering how to use Samsung Solstice phone devices? The Samsung Solstice is a premiere cell phone manufactured by Samsung, a multinational conglomerate with a headquarters in South Korea. Above all, people purchase the Samsung Solstice for its enhanced touchscreen capabilities and smart phone technology.

Check out what you'll need to use Samsung Solstice phone technology:

  • Samsung Solstice phone
  • Cell phone carrier
  • Cell phone charger
  1. Use the bottom toolbar. There should be three buttons on the lower toolbar of your phone's desktop. The three options will be "Menu," "Contacts" and "Dial."
  2. Select the "Dial" button. Take notice to the touchscreen dial on the Samsung Solstice phone. All of the standard buttons will be there with the normal numbers (zero through nine) and the appropriate letters (A to Z) that go with it.
  3. Select the "Contacts" button. Contacts will list all of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances with whom you have a number for. The Samsung Solstice has all of its contacts listed via scroll menu.
  4. Select the "Menu" button. The main menu on the Samsung Solstice has settings, messages, applications, mobile web and just about anything else you'd like to do on your smartphone. From here, check out the phone's settings section and choose ringtones to assign to your contacts. After that, check out the cool desktop graphics that come with it.
  5. Note the power button. The "on/off" button, commonly known as "Power," will unlock your phone from standby to minimize pocket dialing. After all, you want to use Samsung Solstice for their cool features, not their "butt-dialing" hazards. Should you decide to disable the automatic hibernation, simply turn it off from the settings section of the main menu.

You can use Samsung Solstice phone hardware in a variety of circumstances, but being familiar with its mechanisms is an important first step. The Samsung Solstice phone is a very nice piece of equipment that would be a shame not to be used properly. Good luck and happy phoning!

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