How To Use A Savings Bond Calculator

If you are contemplating redeeming any savings bonds it is imperative to know how to use a savings bond calculator. A savings bond calculator allows a consumer to calculate how much their savings bond is worth before cashing it in for redemption. Armed with this knowledge, the holder of a savings bond can ensure they receive the correct value for that bond upon redemption.

  1. Gather the bond(s) you are trying to determine the value of. A savings bond calculator requires information from the bond in order to determine the current value of the bond. This information can be found on the savings bonds. If you do not have your savings bond, the savings bond calculator can still be used if you know the denomination, series, serial number, and issue date of the bond.
  2. Find an online savings bond calculator. The best savings bond calculator comes directly from the source, the U.S. Treasury, which offers an online savings bond calculator free of charge to all consumers. Other online savings bond calculators exist on the internet as well.
  3. Enter the required information into the savings bond calculator. Input the series (EE, I, E, or Savings Note), the denomination, serial number and the issue date as printed on the bond. Hit calculate to determine how much your bond is worth today.
  4. Enter a future date to determine a savings bond’s value in the future. If you would like to know how much your bond will be worth in the future, enter a future date into the date field. The savings bond calculator will then display the future value of the savings bond.

Using a savings bond calculator is safe and easy. If you plan on redeeming your savings bond, determine their worth before you head to the bank to ensure you receive the proper amount.



Savings Bond calculator

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