How To Use A Scuba Compass

Knowing how to use a scuba compass can help you navigate while under water. The scuba compass is basically an underwater compass. Serious scuba divers might be looking for something in particular under the water that requires directional navigation. You can also simply use the scuba compass not to get lost while scuba diving.

To perform this task, you will need:

  • Scuba compass
  • Scuba gear
  1. Purchase a scuba compass you’re comfortable with. When choosing a compass, make sure you get one that’s easy for you to read and hold. Remember, you’ll need to hold it steady underwater, so you definitely need to be able to hold it easily while still on land.
  2. Get to know your scuba compass. The first time you use your scuba compass, it will look like the needle and card are spinning. However, what you’re actually seeing is the compass case spinning around these components. Watch the direction the case settles and which direction the arrow is pointing toward. This is the direction you’re going.
  3. Verify that your scuba diving gear has no iron. Bring your scuba compass to the gear and move it all around. If you see the case moving haphazardly, you may have iron. This will interfere with the accuracy of the scuba compass. You’ll need new gear that does not contain iron.
  4. Use the scuba compass on land before getting into the water. Walk around with your scuba compass to practice reading it. Before you get into the water, you want to be absolutely certain that you can get an accurate reading and use it to find your way back to your boat or toward the direction you wish to travel.
  5. Start with perfectly clear water. The first several times you use your scuba compass under water, make sure that water is clear. Getting into murky or dirty water before you’ve had a chance to adequately practice with your scuba compass underwater can actually b dangerous.
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