How To Use Sex To Get Close

Are you one of those guys who want to know how to use sex to get close to a girl? The thing is, you're not alone. Many men use sex to get close to women. The surprise is that a huge chunk of women also use sexual prowess to get men closer to their hearts.

  1. Pick the right girl. The best way to use sex to get close to a girl is to pick the right girl. There are two types of women who are the easiest to use sex to get close to. The first group of women are needy and desperate. In their quest for intimacy, these women will do just about anything to get close to a man. If you pick a girl from this group, it should be a slam dunk to use sex to get close to her. The second group involves women who love sex and aren't inhibited about their bodies and social customs. They don't follow the unspoken rules, such as "don't sleep with a man until he falls in love with you." This group of women is easy to use sex to get close to because they enjoy sex so much.
  2. Remember it's a game. Using sex to get close to women is a game and should be viewed as such. While it's a sport, remember this aspect. If you keep your cool, the situation should be easier to navigate. You don't want to come off as a jerk, but you don't want to seem like a wimp. Straddle this line delicately as you use sex to get close to women. Follow your gut instinct–if you feel the situation is going in the wrong direction, stop seeing the girl.
  3. Don't cause hurt feelings. All is fair in love and war because you're an adult and so is she. However, if you're dealing with needy women, be a gentleman. Even if you're using sex to get close, don't cause hurt feelings. State your intentions without being cruel or harsh. Many women appreciate knowing how the scenario is being played out.
  4. Be a good lover. If you're using sex to get close, make sure you are a good lover. After all, sex is your weapon of choice! If your weapon isn't sharp and ready to slice, you might as well give up the game. The best way to be a good lover is to listen to your partner. She will tell you, through her words and actions, what she likes and what she doesn't. Great lovers are men and women who are able to please their partners while taking care of themselves. When you use sex to get close, be attentive, careful and engaging. If you hit her sweet spots every time, she will have no problem getting close to you.
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