How to Use Sex as a Workout

People are always looking for a creative way to shed some extra pounds, why not learn how to use sex as a workout? Exercise is not something most people get excited about and drop everything to do. If the thought of lacing up your sneakers and heading to the gym makes you wince, you might like to try a fun alternative, like sex!

  1. Foreplay can have a very integral role in your workout, not to mention how much your partner will enjoy the attention. Foreplay can be considered a warm up session for your sex workout, to help limber up your muscles and prepare you for the real work. Start by kissing, massaging, and cuddling for a few minutes before starting to remove any clothing. Be energetic when you begin to disrobe, kick off your shoes, shimmy off your pants, and twirl your shirt above your head before you toss it the corner, every extra move will burn more calories.
  2. After enjoying the warm up it's time to get down to business, intercourse, the real sweat session. Be creative and try positions that require a great deal of excursion on your part to amp up your sex workout. A position requiring you to be on top or behind the women will burn the most calories for a man, while the woman on top position will help her to burn more.
  3. The last step is a simple one, relax. Enjoy knowing you used sex as a workout; allowing you to enjoy your favorite hobby and fit in a cardio session too. 

Sex is such a great workout because it doesn't cost anything, you don't need any special clothes or equipment, and you don't even have to leave the house. So when you are dreading your 5 a.m. run, roll over in bed and start a sex workout with your partner instead.

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