How To Use Sexual Body Language To Attract Women

Learn about how to use sexual body language to attract women. The body is a very powerful tool in sexually attracting women. Body language play an important role in conveying your sexual desires to the woman you are trying to attract, without uttering a word. The key is learning to use sexual body language techniques. she’ll be able to read and interpret your body language loud and clear.

  1. Sexy smile. It’s hard to resist a man with a sexy smile and luscious lips. Wet your lips a little with your tongue, have the woman you are trying to attract wondering what it would be like to have those inviting lips on her.
  2. Seductive walk.  Make yourself be seen by attractive women. Walk by slow and sexy like male models don’t be in a rush to get somewhere. Nobody can represent you, better than you can. So when you walk by be cool and suave, your body language will just be oozing with sex appeal.
  3. Dress to impress. If you have some very attractive attributes like a pair of big strong arms there is nothing wrong with showing them off. Women like men with a nice firm butt. She’ll like looking at your hot bod as much as you’ll like looking at hers; there is nothing wrong with showing a little eye candy. So don’t just throw on anything where clothes that are flattering to your body. The woman you are trying to sexually attract will be turned on more if you enhance your physical qualities; a hint of cologne will make you more irresistible to the lucky lady.
  4. Confident, but not cocky. You don’t have to be the biggest guy or the best looking guy around, but a little confidence goes a long way. When you walk by a woman you are trying to attract let your body language do the talking, don’t be afraid to look her right in the eye and give her a quick head to toe look over and she  is sure to give you one back. Take a seat in a nearby chair; hike your pants up a bit as you sit down. The woman you are trying to attract will take notice; don’t be surprised if she glances down to take a quick look to see if you need that extra slack in your pants.
  5. Intense sexual eye contact. When you make eye contact with a woman you are trying to attract, don’t dare look away, but hold her gaze with a deep sexual look, bite on your bottom lip while slightly nodding your head; sexual tension will start to grow. You are letting her know that you have a physical and sexual attraction for her.
  6. Use deliberate hand movements and sexual gestures to attract women.  There are subtle things you can do to draw her attention. Rub the back of your head, that’s showing the woman you are trying to attract you want to look attractive before approaching her and what big hands you have to do other things with.  Pat or stroke your stomach she will look down, something else may have her sexually drawn to you. If you are seated make sure to have plenty of space between your legs; for obvious reasons, massage the outside and your inner thigh. She will want to see where your hand is going all the while getting sexually aroused and this just from your body language. You haven’t begun to excite her yet, with you words.

There is nothing wrong with using your body language to let a woman know you are sexually attracted her, as long as you do it in a respectful way. Women will not respond in a positive way to an aggressive overbearing guy.

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