How To Use The Shoulders In The Golf Swing

It is easy to learn how to use the shoulders in the golf swing. When you take the club back during your swing, you are already starting to use your shoulders. If you are a right-handed golfer, your left shoulder will play a large part in how far you hit the golf ball on each swing. The shoulders in the golf swing also impact the direction the ball will travel. By working on your golf game at the driving range, you can practice controlling your shoulders during the swing to lengthen or shorten your follow through.

  1. Go to a local driving range and buy a few buckets of golf balls. To hit the ball properly, you must use the shoulders in the golf swing. Once you have loosened up, pull out one of your short irons from your golf bag. Address the ball and take a slow practice swing. If you are a right-handed golfer, your left shoulder will start to move in toward your body. Keep your head still and your left eye on the golf ball. As your left shoulder nears your chin, you will feel the muscle tighten. Swing the club and strike the golf ball. Your right shoulder will near your chin as you follow through.
  2. Practice with each club in your golf bag at the driving range. Use your left shoulder to help you determine when you have taken the club back far enough during the swing. You can also work on letting your hands bend in the direction of the swing on impact, while stopping your left shoulder at the same time. This will help you guide the ball during your swing.
  3. Work on the angle of the shoulders in the golf swing. You can raise or lower your front shoulder as you swing, which can help you direct the golf ball. It will take time to learn how to properly use your shoulders, so you must keep practicing your swing.
  4. Make sure you do not injure the shoulders in the golf swing. It is easy to do rotator cuff damage if you take the club back too far during the swing before you are properly warmed up. While you want your swing to be powerful, make sure you know the limitation of your range of motion, so you can avoid injury as you use the shoulders in the golf swing.



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