How To Use Skateboard Wax

You may have seen skateboard wax for sale in your local skate shop, and you’ve probably wondered what its purpose is and how to use skateboard wax. In fact, skateboard wax is great for making grind tricks a lot smoother and less difficult. Still confused about how it works? Read on.

  1. Purchase skateboard wax. Skateboard wax is really common in skate shops, on the web, in magazines, etc. It’s affordable, and it really doesn’t matter what brand you use as you’ll end up getting the same result every time. If you cannot acquire or use skateboard wax, you can actually just use a candle that you don’t want anymore.
  2. When you’ve decided you’re going to practice your grind tricks, use skateboard wax to rub the surface you’ll be grinding on. Sometimes the perfect surface for grinding can be ridden with holes and other obstructions. Your wax can solve that by being rubbed across the edge of the surface. Remember to be quite firm when rubbing as this will enable the curb or rail to be very smooth. Continue rubbing until you’ve covered the entire curb or rail. If you’re focusing on a hole, rub the wax over the hole firmly back and forth, and the hole should start to close up with the wax. Make sure the end result is in the same shape as the rest of the curb (at a curved 90 degree angle) or you might end up tripping up on it along the way.
  3. Test the wax out for efficiency. First, check the skateboard wax out by just running your hand along the curb or rail. If it feels a little too coarse and your hand doesn’t just effortlessly glide across it, go back and fix it up a little bit more. If everything seems okay, try testing the wax out by performing a few tricks. The wax might end up being a little sticky at first, but the more you use it, the smoother it should become. If for some reason you didn’t apply enough, just go back and touch it up some more.
  4. Wash the surface off if you don’t own it. Waxing a curb or rail is technically vandalism, and nobody wants to get pinned for it. Waxing a hand rail defeats the purpose of it anyway, so be respectful toward society and wash it off if you don’t own it.
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