How To Use A Smoker Grill

Knowing how to use a smoker grill is challenging. It is almost like an art that you have to master. The flavor of the food is wonderful when you use a smoker grill, it makes all the hard work worth it. By following these guidelines you will be well on your way to using a smoker grill.

Here is what you will need to use a smoker grill:

  • presoaked wood chunks or chips
  • charcoal
  • thermometer 
  • water
  • lighter fuel
  1. Place the smoker grill on level ground and away from buildings. Smoker grills throw off a lot of smoke so it is wise to place the smoker grill far away as possible from homes.
  2.  If you didn't buy presoaked wood chunks make sure to soak them in water prior to cooking. Fifteen to 30 minutes should be enough time for the wood chunks to soak., when you are getting ready to use a smoker grill.
  3. Put charcoal pieces in the bottom bowl of the smoker grill. Pour lighter fluid on the charcoal and start a fire. You need to fill the next bowl in the smoker grill with water, but do this after the fire has started.
  4. Make sure the fire is going quite well before adding your meat. You want the meat to cook at an even temperature. You will need to adjust the vents to get the perfect temperature, this is the key when it comes to how to use a smoker grill properly.
  5. Throw wood chips on the charcoal. These are what give the meat all the great flavor. Check with your owners manual to see how long to cook the specific meat you picked, for all smokers are different.
  6. Cook the meat the desired amount of time. You may have to add charcoal pieces throughout the cooking time, for it takes a long time to smoke food. Use a thermometer to make sure the meat has reached the desired temperature. These are the basics on how to use a smoker grill, the result should be a tasteful meat full of flavor.
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