How To Use A Speed Punching Bag

Wondering how to use a speed punching bag? Speed punching bags are used in training for boxing, kickboxing, and in some other sports to improve hand-eye coordination, accuracy, speed, and muscle conditioning.  The basics of using a speed punching bag are quite simple and can be applied by men, women, children, and even the elderly for added benefits in their regular physical fitness routines.

  1. There are several typical strike points on the fist.  First, make sure the fist is formed tightly, with the thumb on the outside of the fingers, not covered by the fingers.  Strike points can be the top knuckles, on the outside of the fist (pinkie-side) but near the knuckle, on the inside of the fist (index finger-side) near the knuckles, or on the side of the fist wear the pinkie-knuckle meets the fleshy side of the palm.  Additionally, one can strike with the elbow, if the sport of choice is a martial art.
  2. Every time you strike the speed punching bag it is going to move away from you and then back toward you.  Developing rhythm will help keep from hitting yourself in the face with it and save frustration later.  Start by simply getting accustomed to striking the bag in various ways.  See what feels the most comfortable.
  3. Develop a routine.  Some trainers using speed punching bags will cycle through routines such as right-left-right-left-right-left and so forth moving the fists in a circular pattern in front of the body.  
  4. Other traditional rhythms can be right, right-left, left-right, right-left, left and so forth, which is commonly heard in the back corners of some small gyms.  The key is finding what you're comfortable with and practicing until it's working for you.

Most people will use speed bag gloves when working or training on the speed bag.  These are light weight and designed to protect the hands from wear or injury caused by repeated use of punching bags.  Hand wraps can be worn under the speed bag gloves as well.

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