How To Use Spermicidal Gel

Learning how to use spermicidal gel can give you a useful form of contraception. It’s not necessarily foolproof, but it can lessen the chances of pregnancy, and its especially good when combined with another form of birth control. Spermicidal gel products are particularly popular among women who like to use barrier protection methods like condoms, and especially diaphragms, and the big advantage of the gel version of spermacide is that it’s also a great sex lubrication.

  1. Use spermicidal gel immediately before beginning intercourse. The stuff is only effective for a certain length of time, and if you wait more than an hour after putting it in, you are probably wasting your time.
  2. By the same token, if your sex session ends up being a marathon, you may need to stop at some point and use spermicidal gel again. It will wear off eventually, so the fresher it is, the safer you are.
  3. When you use spermicidal gel, make sure you get it nice and deep. The applicator that comes with your product needs to be inserted fully into the vagina so that the depth is appropriate. One of the main things these products do is block the sperm from reaching the uterus, and in order to do that, it needs to reach the cervix.
  4. Use spermacidal gel in combination with some other protection method. Remember that the gel doesn’t protect a person from catching a sexually transmitted disease, and it only offers limited protection against pregnancy. You should generally use spermacidal gel along with a condom or a diaphragm for added safety. If you do that, the product works as a nice compliment to the other method of protection.
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