How To Use Spermicidal Jelly

Looking for information on how to use spermicidal jelly? Spermicidal jelly is a method of vaginal birth control. If you are using spermicidal jelly without any other forms of birth control, the spermicidal jelly will provide protection for one hour. In the event that sexual intercourse lasts longer than one hour, you will need to apply the jelly again. If you are using spermicidal jelly in conjunction with a diaphragm, protection will last for up to six hours. Below you will find instructions for using spermicidal jelly.

To use spermicidal jelly, you will need:

  • A tube of spermicidal jelly
  • An applicator
  1. Fill The Applicator. When you buy spermicidal jelly, the jelly should come in a tube and an application should be included. You will need to squeeze the spermicidal jelly from the tube into the applicator. You should fill the applicator up to the line that is noted by the manufacturer of the spermicidal jelly that you have purchased.
  2. Applying The Spermicidal Jelly. Once you have filled the applicator with spermicidal jelly, you will need to insert the applicator into your partner's vagina. For the spermicidal jelly to be an effective form of birth control, the spermicidal jelly must reach the cervix. As soon as you have inserted the spermicidal jelly applicator as far it will go into your partner's vagina, empty and remove the applicator.


If you find that the spermicidal jelly is irritating your penis or your partner's vagina, you should consider trying a different brand of spermicidal jelly or use a different form of birth control.

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