How To Use Spermicidal Lubricants

Understanding how to use spermicidal lubricants can help couples enhance their sex life. That being said, spermicidal lubricants are considered one of the least effective forms of birth control when used solely by itself. But when used with a condom, spermicidal lubricants are incredibly effective. Another thing to consider when deciding which forms of birth control will work best for you and your partner is that spermicidal lubricants offer zero protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Use these products in long term, monogamous relationships only.

To use spermicidal lubricants, you will need:

  • Spermicidal lubricant
  • An awareness of time
  1. Before sex. To use spermicidal lubricants, you must apply it fifteen minutes before having sexual intercourse. Read the instructions and use the applicator if you have one or just use your fingers. While either squatting or laying down, insert the spermicidal lubricant deep within the vagina. Also apply generously around the cervix. You must wait at least fifteen minutes before having intercourse.
  2. During sex. Spermicidal lubricant is effective for only one hour. If more than an hour passes, the spermicidal lubricant must be reapplied. You must also wait another fifteen minutes before continuing intercourse.
  3. After sex. To use spermicidal lubricants effectively, it is suggested that women do not douche for at least six hours after intercourse.


  • According to Planned Parenthood, fifteen out of 100 women became pregnant when using spermicide products as directed. When spermicide products are used incorrectly, 29 women out of 100 became pregnant.
  • Do not use spermicidal lubricants for anal intercourse.
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