How To Use Spermicide Contraception

How to use spermicide contraception seems to be a big question among many individuals. Many people do not even know why spermicide is even used. Spermicide is normally applied vaginally and used along with another form of birth control (usually a condom or a diaphragm). The active ingredient in spermicide is nonoxynol-9, which destroys the sperm cells. Spermicide is usually found in contraceptive gels, foams, jellies and other types of suppositories.

Items needed to use spermicide effectively:

  • Preferred method of contraception
  • An applicator (foam method)
  1. Contraceptive foam. This is a type of spermicide usually found in the form of aerosol. Individuals use a small applicator to insert the spermicide into the vagina. This method should be used about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Spermicidal foam can be used along with diaphragms and the sponge.
  2. Contraceptive film. Contraceptive film is another form of spermicide and should be inserted at least ten minutes before sexual intercourse. The film should be folded in half and placed on the finger before insertion. Push the film up in the vagina and cover the cervix. This could be great foreplay for some individuals. The film should be given a few minutes to melt and is normally effective for about an hour after insertion.
  3. Spermicide suppositories. Spermicidal suppositories are capsules, which are put inside the vagina. The suppositories are inserted and will begin to melt inside the vagina. These capsules should be pushed deep inside the vagina as far as they will go. Suppositories are also effective for about an hour if used correctly. Individuals who are planning to have repeated sexual intercourse sessions will need additional suppositories.
  4. Contraceptive sponge. Some women may use the sponge as a form of a contraceptive. Spermicidal foam may be inserted inside the woman’s sponge to provide additional protection. Vaginal spermicides are anywhere from 71 to 85 percent effective, so individuals are encouraged to used an additional method of contraception with the spermicide.
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