How To Use Spray Paint On Wood Furniture

You want to give a piece of your wood furniture a new look and need to know how to use spray paint on wood furniture. Spray painting wood furniture is an inexpensive way to give furniture an even, smooth finished look. Spray painting works really well, especially for wood furniture that has detailed carvings that would be hard to paint with a brush. Prepping the wood first in an important step because it will help to give it that near perfect look when spray painting wood furniture.

To use spray paint on wood furniture, you need:

  • sand paper
  • spray primer
  • spray paint
  • soap and water
  1. Wash the wood furniture. Use soap and warm water to wash the wood furniture to get rid of extra dirt and dust. Let the furniture dry completely before sanding.
  2. Sand the wood furniture. Thoroughly sand the furniture to help remove all of the rough edges. First, start off with a rougher grit of sandpaper, and then repeat sanding the wood furniture with a finer version of sandpaper. This will help to give the wood furniture a smooth texture finish.
  3. Apply primer first. Spray the primer on the wood furniture in one or two light coats. Cover the furniture in its entirety with the primer. Allow the primer to completely dry before spray painting the wood furniture. The primer will give the furniture a smooth, glossy overall finish.
  4. Maintain the right distance between the spray paint and the wood furniture. Stand between one to two feet away from the wood furniture piece. Maintain a distance of about twelve inches at all times. Avoid spraying any closer or too much farther from this distance. Spraying to closely can result in drips on the wood furniture.
  5. Use the right motion when spray painting. When you spray paint the wood furniture, use wide sweeping motions with the spray can. Always keep a moving motion with your hand as you spray paint.
  6. Let the first coat dry. After you apply the first coat of spray paint to the wood furniture, let it dry completely. Then, you can proceed to applying the second coat to give it a great, even finished look.
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