How To Use A Surfboard Wax Comb

Need to know how to use a surfboard wax comb?Surfers can use a surfboard wax comb for two reasons: roughing up wax to increase traction and removing wax. Sometimes surfers want to increase traction without adding a new layer of wax. Surfers often use a surfboard wax comb for this purpose. To use a surfboard wax comb to increase traction, use the toothed side of the comb. For wax removal, use the flat side.  Each process is outlined below.


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Use a surfboard wax comb for increased traction:

  1. Check the wax: If your wax job has lost traction due to use it might be time to use a surfboard wax comb. If the board feels slick, or the tiny bumps have disappeared, it’s time to use a surfboard wax comb or add new wax.
  2. Comb: Take the comb and gently press the toothed side of the comb into the wax. Make diagonal lines across the board. Repeat this process in the opposite direction. The board’s wax should have a checkerboard pattern.
  3. Add wax: If necessary, add wax and use the surfboard wax comb again. If not, go shred.

Use a surfboard wax comb for wax removal:

  1. Flip it over: Use the backside of a surfboard wax comb for wax removal. Wax combs are handy little inventions. Some combs will even open a beer or remove your fins. All combs come with a blade-like edge for scraping.
  2. Scrape. Press the blade side to the board and scrape off all the wax. Don’t press too hard, you don’t want to ding your board.
  3. Make a wax ball: Wax balls are great for grom abuse and surviving recessions.



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