How To Use Twitter For Business

Understanding how to use Twitter for business goes a long way in keeping the communication level with your customers active. Twitter allows you to share information rapidly and obtain market information as well as receive feedback. It also provides a great opportunity for a company to establish its brand, and obtain new customers. However, to use twitter for business purposes, it requires time and motivation to keep up.   

  1. Understand Twitter basic.  This is the first step if you want to use Twitter for business. Twitter allows you to write and read messages. You are limited to a maximum of 140 characters including spaces and punctuation. Although your messages are available to the public, you control the messages you receive. Twitter gives you the option to send and receive your messages via your desktop as well as your cell phone.  Always make sure your tweets are clear and quick when you post and respond to messages.
  2. Establish connection to customer immediately: Twitter customers can communicate if there is a problem with your company products or services, and allow you to take proactive steps to correct the problems. Problems you probably would not have known existed because that information was not available to you otherwise. If your business provides excellent service, this helps you add additional tips that may help the customer.
  3. Use Twitter for your business to generate sales. Twitter allows you to offer coupon specials to your customers, share tips about shopping at your business, and announce any special sales you have at your store location. Make a connection with your customers by providing insights into events at your company. This helps build a connection between your company and the customer.
  4. Use Twitter with other social networking media. Link your Facebook page, blog or any other medium to your Twitter account. This allows you to update both sites at the same time. This a good tool for business owners who use Twitter for business. Since, it saves you time from having to update both sites.  
  5. Establish a following on your Twitter Account.  Follow as many people as possible when you use Twitter for business purposes. Having a huge following allows you to reach more people and provides better networking opportunities. Start with people who share the same interest, or choose people by topic. Twitter offer apps to find people referred to as TWellow, which is similar to the yellow pages. It might take time to develop a following when you use twitter for business. However, do not give up.
  6. Build your profile completely. Make sure your bio is complete, and there is a URL in the more information section of your profile. Most people would be hesitant to follow you if you have no information about yourself.
  7.  Respond to anyone you are following. This helps you to engage the individual and possible result in them becoming your follower as well. Even if the person may not respond back to you immediately or provide you the outcome you are looking for.

Being in business is not easy, and Twitter is a good venue to build your business and save you time. Therefore, you should consider using Twitter for business purposes.



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