How To Use A Vibrating Ball

Do you need to learn how to use a vibrating ball? If so, you have come to the right place. Using vibrating balls can be quite useful when creating a unique and exciting experience. The bad thing about vibrating balls is that they are oblong and more tedious to use than the standard straight, wand-like devices.  The good thing is that once you learn how to use a vibrating ball, it will be hard to give it up. Follow these great steps to begin having a magical experience.

Things you will need:

  • Vibrating ball
  • Privacy
  • Lubrication (optional)
  1. Hold the ball correctly. Depending on the size of your hands or the vibrating ball, you may have to grasp it with two hands, in your palm, or it may be possible to grasp it with your fingers. You may be able to judge by looking at the size of your hands and the ball, or you can do a feel-test to see which way feels right. Once you get comfortable with holding the vibrating ball move on to the next step.
  2. Turn on the vibrating ball. After you get a good grip on the ball, turn it on. Make sure that the vibrations from the ball do not startle you. Startling may cause you to lose control of the ball. The goal is to keep control of the ball and not let it slip.
  3. While the vibrating is on and you have a good grip, move the ball to the part of your body that you prefer. You will use your hands to create a pressure between the vibrating ball and your body or the person's body you want to vibrate. It does not have to be a strong pressure, just a slight pressure that's strong enough for you to maintain control of the vibrating ball since it is easy for it to roll off the body once control is lost. You are free to use the lubricant of your choice for a more sensual experience. Keep in mind that lubrication can cause the vibrating ball to become more slippery.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to have a relaxing and sensual experience!

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