How To Use Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Add a little pain to your sexual exploits by learning how to use vibrating nipple clamps. These nipple clamps add a little zing to normal nipple clamps and are available as simple clamps or weighted clamps. The weighted clamps will add a gentle to moderate pain to amplify the pleasure of the vibration.

To use vibrating nipple rings, you will need:

  • A set of vibrating nipple clamps
  • A willing partner
  1. Find the right set of vibrating nipple clamps. If you have never used nipple clamps before, you may want to begin with a set of regular nipple clamps before adding the extra weight of the vibrator. If you are ready to find a set of vibrating nipple clamps, you have two basic options: You can buy vibrating nipple clamps with or without weights.

  2. Attach them to the nipple. Take your vibrating nipple clamps and gently clip them onto each nipple. Most nipple clamps have adjuster screws on them to change the tightness of the clamp. Tighten the vibrating nipple clamps as much or as little as needed to maximize pleasure. Turn on the vibrator and let them do their thing. Some vibrator nipple clamps also have an adjustable vibrator setting so that you can have them vibrate as fast or as slow to provide the utmost pleasure.

  3. Enjoy. Take the time to experiment with your vibrating nipple clamps. Tighten and loosen them to find out what feels the best and what creates the most mind-blowing orgasm. If your purchased the unweighted vibrating nipple clamps, try adding your own weights to them a little at a time to see if it adds more pleasure to your experience.   



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