How To Use A Vibrating Ring On A Girl

One technique that can add pleasure to intercourse is adding a vibrating ring to a condom, but it is important to know how to use a vibrating ring on a girl for it to be effective. There are certain positions and techniques for using a vibrating ring that will increase pleasure and make sex more enjoyable for both of you.

To use a vibrating ring on a girl you will need:

  • Vibrating ring (or duo vibrating ring)
  • Condom
  • Lubricant
  1. Make contact with the clitoris. When using the vibrating ring at the base of the shaft of the penis, slow deep strokes will allow the vibrating ring to come in contact with the clitoris. This will cause not only pleasure to the girl, but also to her partner, as the vibrations travel up and down the penis shaft.
  2. Position the vibrator on the vibrating ring facing toward the clitoris. When having intercourse in the typical missionary style, make sure the vibrator part of the ring is on the top side of the penis. This position will allow the vibrating ring to come in contact with the clitoris when the penis fully penetrates the girl’s vagina.
  3. When having sex “doggy-style” or “spooning” be sure to put the vibrating ring with the vibrating part on the top of the penis. This way the vibrator will come in contact with the clitoris internally and the partner can use his finger or a personal massager to rub the clitoris in a circular motion externally to bring even more pleasure.
  4. If the girl is on top facing her partner’s feet, put the vibrator part of the vibrating ring on the underside of the penis shaft. By placing it under the shaft of the penis, it will make contact with the clitoris as the girl is moving up and down. It will also provide wonderful sensations when the woman fully seats herself on the penis and rotates, making clitoral stimulation with each movement. If the girl is facing towards the man’s chest, put the vibrator part on the top of the shaft of the penis.
  5. Trojan also offers a duo vibrating ring. For double pleasure and not worrying about which direction the ring is in (in case you change positions), buy a duo vibrating ring. This way no matter what position you find yourself in, the vibrator part of the ring will provide stimulation to the clitoris. This vibrating ring also lasts for 30 minutes, whereas the single vibrating ring only lasts for eighteen minutes. Each side of the ring can be turned on and off at different times, depending on what feels good.

Regardless of the vibrating ring, don’t forget other foreplay techniques, such as stimulating your partner’s breasts, when having intercourse. Be sure to let your partner know what you like and don’t like to make the sexual experience more enjoyable.

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