How To Use Vibrating Tongue Bars On A Girl

It can be difficult to understand how to use vibrating tongue bars on a girl. However, following these basic guidelines will teach you exactly how to use the tongue bars. Using one of these vibrators is sure to get you a reputation as a great lover!


  • Vibrating tongue bars
  1. Talk to the girl. Make sure that she is aware of the fact that you have vibrating tongue bars. Ask her if she is interested in you using the bars on her. While most women will be very interested in this, some will be fearful. Be sure not to force the issue on anyone who is not interested in vibrating tongue bars.
  2. Make sure the vibrating tongue bars are installed properly. This can help in the prevention of pain to both you and the woman. Always consult with a professional body artist if you are concerned that the bars are not fitted properly.
  3. Perform foreplay with the woman. Start by kissing her gently on the mouth, neck and breasts. Make sure that the vibrating tongue bars are set on a low setting at this point.
  4. Watch the woman's reaction. If she appears to be getting into the foreplay, gradually increase the intensity of the kissing and vibration bar. Continue kissing her neck, nipples and earlobe. Gradually work your way down until you are kissing, licking and sucking on her clitoris. Always check back with the woman to make sure that the speed and vibration level of the tongue bars is okay.
  5. Practice! This is the only way that you will become skilled at using the tongue bars.



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