How To Use Vibrating Tongue Bars

Learning how to use vibrating tongue bars can take your oral sex abilities right over the top. Even if you have little experience or just frankly aren’t that great at oral sex, you can turn your mouth into a soft, wet vibrator when you put on a vibrating tongue bar. Your partner won’t be able to resist.

Things you'll need:

  • A vibrating tongue bar
  • A willing partner
  1. Find a vibrating tongue bar you’re comfortable with. If you have a piercing, there are some vibrating tongue bars that can be connected to it. Otherwise, get a vibrating tongue bar that can be slipped over your tongue without a piercing.
  2. Check the battery life. Vibrating tongue bars are usually battery operated, so find one that lasts for at least 30 minutes. Just in case, get a few vibrators so you don’t leave your partner wanting more. Your tongue just won’t cut it alone after you stimulate her with the vibrating tongue bar.
  3. Move slowly at first. Don’t place the vibrating tongue bar directly on your partner's clitoris right away. The key to giving great oral sex is moving slowly and building anticipation. Use the vibrating tongue bar everywhere but the clitoris, including her inner thighs, outer and inner vaginal lips and the base of the vagina.
  4. Introduce the vibrating tongue bar to the clitoris. Continue to tease your partner by bringing the vibrating tongue bar closer to her clitoris. When you finally make contact, take it away quickly and then bring it back after a few seconds. Continue teasing until she can’t take the anticipation any longer.
  5. Bring it home. Once your partner gets really excited and starts to breathe heavily, moan, scream, grab the sheets or whatever she does when she’s about to climax, give her direct clitoral stimulation using the vibrating tongue bar. Keep a swift, steady motion and don’t change it up. This will help her reach climax and make the oral sex with the vibrating tongue bar truly intense.


  • If you have a piercing, be sure to clean your mouth thoroughly before and after oral sex. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
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