How To Use Vibrators During Sex

Knowing how to use a vibrator during sex can increase you and your woman's sex drive dramatically. Using vibrators may seem awkward at first, but you just need to know how to use them when having sex. Below are ways to use a vibrator during sex.

  1. Vibrators during sexual intercourse. If you're wanting to give your girl a great orgasm, use a vibrator against a woman's clitoris during sex. Some vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris at the same time while having sex. What you should do is after the first orgasm, take the pressure off her clitoris. Then once the sexual intensity builds back up within her, apply the vibrator to her clitoris again. This will create multiple orgasms.
  2. Vibrators during oral sex. Vibrators can also be used to give you a better oral sex experience. You place the vibrator on the genitals while oral sex is being given. You can also use the vibrator for her own masturbation, while she's giving you oral sex. The more sexually aroused she is, the better the oral sex will be.
  3. Vibrators during anal sex. Using a vibrator with anal sex is ne of he most erotic and orgasmic pleasures for couples. The best vibrator to use for anal play is one that has been designed specifically for the anal area. Start by adding lubrication to the anus and light touch and stroke the outside of it with the vibrator. Once your partner's ready, insert the vibrator into the anus, moving it in and out slowly and gently. Using a vibrator this way is very kinky and once you get the hang of it, both you and your partner will love it.



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